The limits of my language are the limits of my world. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Vielen Dank und auf Wiedersehen!

Thank you to you all for the amazing farewell celebrations at the end of term 2. I was beyond speechless due to all the sweetness that was coming our way. Adam and I really appreciated the beautiful cards, kind words, warm hugs and presents. The Billanook community has been a big part of my life for the last 6 years and I have absolutley loved teaching German and Art to our wonderful students. The excitement for the arrival of our baby is getting bigger every day and soon the finishing touches on the nursery will be done as well!
For now I will enjoy a little bit of a rest but I will certainly be around and look forward to catching up and having a chat. I will miss my students, colleagues and the entire community a lot! Take care!

Auf Wiedersehen, Julia Kump

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B.P.S. HARMONY DAY – APRIL 15th 2016

On Friday 15th April, we will be celebrating Harmony Day at Billanook Primary School. This year’s theme is “Our diversity is our strength”. Please check out the reminders down below in regards to dress ups, assembly and workshops.
See you around! Bis ganz bald 🙂

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A colourful welcome to our Foundation students

Term 1 was marked by a special assembly during which our Foundation students were presented with a Schultüte by our our wonderful Grade 6 students. A Schultüte is received by every child in Germany on their first day of school. It holds great and useful surprises such as stationary and little toys.

Our Foundation students have made a fantastic start to learning the German language and have shown a very keen interest to find out more about German culture. 


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Foundation students: German welcome to Billanook P.S.

On Monday 15th February, we have a special German welcome assembly for our Foundation students. The Level 6 students have prepared wonderful and very colourful German gifts for all Foundation students.

On the first day of school in Germany all new students receive a so-called ‘Schultüte’ to mark this special event. Come and join us for our Schultüten-Assembly!

See you there, bis Montag!


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Der Biss der magischen Spinne…..check out the movie!

Billanook Primary School’s German Film Group ‘Deutschtastik’ created the fabulous short film ‘Der Biss der magischen Spinne’ over the course of Terms 2 and 3. Enjoy our prize-winning work!

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Drum roll……News from the German Film Group!


Billanook Primary School’s German Film Group ‘Deutschtastik’ created the fabulous short film Der Biss der magischen Spinne over the course of Terms 2 and 3. The film is about a group of students who get bitten by a magical spider and as a consequence discover that they have special talents which enable them to fight off the annoying school bully. If you attended our Billanook Film Festival, you would have already seen the film. Now, we have some more NEWS!

Our short film was selected by the Goethe-Institut Melbourne for the Victorian German School Film Festival Screening at AMCI on 22nd October 2015. We are extremely happy to announce that our film won 1st prize at this yearly event and that we were awarded a trophy and a small monetary prize. The film, as part of the festival was shown to an audience and a panel. I was in the audience with a small group of supporters as the film stars were on camp. We were hugely excited when the prize was declared. Our students received amazing feedback and praise from the judges! Big thanks also to our German Language Assistant, Kathi Bannicke, who supported the film group throughout the process.

Congratulations to stars of the film: Sophie, Issy, Mimi, Tiana, Holly and Jack!!!

Super gemacht!

Frau Julia Kump

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BILLANOOK P.S. OKTOBERFEST – Tuesday 13th October 2015

Students and teachers are all getting very excited about our upcoming Oktoberfest next Tuesday 13th October 2015. We are going to have a day full of celebrating the German Language and Culture with a German Assembly at 9am and lots of German based workshops throughout the day. 

To ensure a successful and exciting day, we also require a bit of help from home. Could you please assist your child/children to organise an appropriate dress-up outfit to wear on the day. 

Dress to impress…

· as a famous German person 

  (e.g. Albert Einstein, Boris Becker, Steffi Graf, Michael Schumacher)

· a character or creature from the German fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm

  (e.g. Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Hansel and Gretel, a witch, a prince or a princess, a knight)

· in traditional German clothes (e.g. German traditional dress ‘Dirndl’ or the traditional pants ‘Lederhosen’)

· an iconic ‘accessory’ associated with Germany (e.g. the flag, a pretzel, a sausage)

· in Germany’s national colours (e.g. how about a crazy hairstyle in black, red and gold/yellow?

Bis bald! See you at the Oktoberfest 🙂

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German Poetry Competition – Regional and State Final 2015

Have you heard the amazing news? On the 31st July 2015, a group of 9 selected Year 4, 5 and 6 students took part in the German Poetry Regional Final at Oxley Christian College. It was a very exciting day and our students did an outstanding job at representing Billanook P.S. at this event. Leading up to this day, our students also showed an amazing effort when rehearsing their poems every day in order to impress the judges…..and they did!!!

These are the breathtaking results:

  • Year 4 was represented by: Chloe W. (Honorable mention) , Bella R. (2nd Place) and Harvey C. (1st Place!!!)
  • Year 5 was represented by: Abbey F. (Participation award), Jasper G. (3rd Place) and Ebony K. (1st Place !!!)
  • Year 6 was represented by: Holly M. (Participation award), Tia S. (Honorable mention), Sophie D. (1st Place!!!)

Congratulations to all students and well done on your fantastic results! Sehr gut gemacht!

Ebony and Sophie competed in the State Final on the 8th August and made it into the Top 20 of Victoria.

 Amazing German language talents!! 






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Harmony Day 2015 – Tuesday 17 March…Join us!

Harmony Day ALL DAY INFO promotion 2015

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Schultüten-Assembly 2015… So much joy!

Here are a few impressions of our Schultüten-Assembly where our new preps received their German welcome gifts from our Grade 6 students. It was wonderful to see so many family members and friends attending this unique event!










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